ABOUT Whitewater Kayaks info

Whitewater Kayaks Info is a sort-able database that started out for whitewater kayaks and canoes.  The kayak database is posted and fairly complete.  The squirt boat database is also published.  The whitewater Canoe/C1 and the Surf Kayak databases are also published however we are still working on it so they are incomplete at this time.  There is a page for Sea/Touring  and Surf Skis posted but it is a link to a partner website(Purplepaddler.com) who has a very extensive list and a bunch of general information for paddlers..  We continue to update the database as we are able to find more data.  This database is intended to be used by fellow paddlers to search for boat specifications and/or compare different models.  All the data collected has been pulled from the manufacture websites and website archives along with numerous websites to include some of the popular ones like Playak.com, Cboats.net, Unsponsored UK, and many other sites that contain information on kayaks.  Some of the hard to find information has been received by individuals. With all that being said there is bound to be some information on the database that is incorrect.  If you see anything that appears wrong or that the database is missing then feel free to contact me through email or Facebook, both listed below, and I will research the error and fix it.  You can click on the tabs at the top or the pictures above this to get to each page with the link to each database.

Future lists(Categories) that have been started and will be added to the database as we get a good working version are:
o  Composite Kayaks (Whitewater)
 o  Paddle Boards
 o  Traditional Canoes
    o  Whitewater Rafts
 o  Inflatable Kayaks/Canoes
 o  Recreational Kayaks

My intent for this website is to become a complete whitewater paddling database for use by all paddlers and to archive the history of this sport in one spot.  Once I have completed the recreational boat lists I will post them on another website outlined in the same manner and cross link the 2 webpages.  If you are a research driven individual who likes to help fellow paddlers, is very knowledgeable on one of the categories, has a bunch of free time, and would like to help then please let me know.  You can contact me through email or Facebook, both listed below.

As mentioned above our partner website Purplepaddler.com has a very extensive website with a wealth of information on all paddling disciplines.  Please visit them for more detailed information on any type of paddling.